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California Proposition 64 Q & A

Q: Can I come into the collective and buy marijuana today?

A: A medical marijuana card is still required.

Q: How do I get a medical marijuana card?

A: Please visit our homepage at for a referral to obtain your medical marijuana card.

Q: Will my products cost more today?

A: New taxes will not go into place until the proposition goes into effect, most likely January 2018. We promise to inform our patients of any new taxes going into effect ahead of time.

Q: If I have a card and am not yet 21, am I still allowed to buy medical marijuana?

A: Medical marijuana is authorized for anyone over the age of 18 with a current medical marijuana card and has not changed.

Here are some additional highlights on Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. For complete information, please visit

  • Adults aged 21+ will be allowed to possess up one ounce of marijuana buds and eight grams of concentrate.
  • Permits adults who are at least 21 years old to grow up to six marijuana plants.
  • Requires licensing for growing and selling marijuana. Highly regulated to protect consumers and kids.
  • Imposes a 15 percent tax on retail sales.
  • Allows cities and counties to impose their own regulations and taxes on recreational marijuana. Cities and counties are also free to ban recreational marijuana businesses within their borders. Provides funds to develop driving-while-impaired guidelines.
  • All taxes collected are placed in the California Marijuana Tax Fund, which the state Legislative Analyst estimated could reach $1 billion annually.
  • Creates packaging, labeling and advertising standards.
  • Changes state marijuana crimes and penalties.

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To lawfully purchase marijuana in California, you must be a member of a collective. You must have a valid medical marijuana recommendation* issued by a licensed California physician.

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